Hey beauties! Is everyone’s week as crazy as mine has already been? It seems like my head is in a constant spin about a million different things. I started my online classes back yesterday, started a 21 day fitness program today, and I’m trying to start building my online lifestyle and wellness coaching business while juggling my dance and work schedule. PHEW! I’m sure you all feel how I’m feeling, but with your daily feats plugged into that. It can get overwhelming sometimes, which is why it’s super important to have certain hobbies that can take your mind off of everything. Dance is one of mine, but another thing that I really love as most of you know is hiking.


This past weekend my boyfriend and I finally got to hike to 3 AMAZING waterfalls that I have been dying to go to for a while. Reading about the hikes online, we didn’t think they would be difficult. A total of maybe 3 1/2-4 miles max. We were wrong lol. We ended up walking almost 7 miles guys! It might not have been so bad if I had skipped working out that morning, but I did 30 minutes of running at the gym too! Let’s just say that I’m still feeling the effects of it today. But do you know how great it felt to accomplish that?! It felt incredible. On the hike back from the last two waterfalls I did not think that I could walk any longer. When we finally reached the car I was soaking wet and had blisters..but it was an awesome feeling. PLUS, the waterfalls were TOTALLY worth walking so much to see.

The first waterfall we walked to was Upper Whitewater Falls which was only about 1/2 mile hike (1 mile total). This waterfall is absolutely incredible! It’s HUGE reaching 811 feet in height. I never knew there was a waterfall that big in NC.



This is where it began to get rough guys. The next two waterfalls we went to were in Gorges State Park, right on the same trail. The reason this hike was so strenuous is because the variation of trail levels. You were constantly changing direction, going uphill or downhill, while avoiding obstacles such as rocks, water, and mud. The first falls we came to was Rainbow Falls. Also beautiful and majestic. The lookout was pretty close to the waterfall itself, and you could feel the power radiating from it as well as the spray of water (which felt AMAZING because we were drenched in sweat)!


Right past Rainbow Falls about a 1/2 mile or so is Turtleback Falls.  This waterfall is beautiful and has a great spot to just sit and relax after the long hike. I was so bummed that we didn’t take our swimsuits because everyone was sliding off of the falls! It looked so much fun. I felt super proud of myself as I soaked in the beauty of God’s amazing creation. When we push ourselves, we can experience some of the greatest treasures that life has to offer.


So after this incredible and exhausting adventure, my Luke and I decided we were totally worthy of some delicious Mexican food. Not just any Mexican food, but really authentic Mexican food. We found this adorable little restaurant called Quixote in Brevard that was super close to the falls, and we definitely filled our tummies (much deserved of course). The place had such a cool atmosphere and everything we ordered was DELISH!


Queso Fundido (Melted Chihuahua cheese and homemade Chorizo)



So most of you probably don’t know this but I just started a program online that will train me to come a health and lifestyle coach! I’m super excited about this and I cannot wait to start helping people with their health journeys. I actually just started a journey of my own which is the 21 Day Fix Extreme program. This program really focuses on improving nutrition, drinking Shakeology once a day, and stepping up your workout game. This morning was my first workout session and it kicked my butt! However, I felt super incredible after I did it. Another thing in the past week that has showed me that I’m capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind and body to. I will be sharing this 21 day journey with all of you guys, and if anyone wants to JOIN me then please private message me on Facebook or Instagram and you can be a part of this incredible journey too!

Opening this package was seriously like Christmas morning! Let’s do this!

Accomplishment is the feeling of completing something that you didn’t think you could. REFUSE to give up,

Ashlyn Tori <3