Raise your hand if you have given/been given candy or junk food in your stocking…..almost everyone right?! It’s such a common and easy thing to fill people’s stockings with because hello, who doesn’t love candy! My Mom would fill our stockings with the best goodies, and usually that included sour skittles or gummies (I was a candy addict in those days). There are some SUPER yummy treats out there that are so much healthier for you and taste just as good as the junk food. Yepp, cookies, sweets….there is a healthier version of all our favorites.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite healthy treats and snacks that I eat on a daily. I’m kind of addicted to all of these products. Pretty sure the people at Vitamin Shoppe know by now that I have a serious cookie and protein bar addiction. But I CAN”T HELP IT! Every time I go in I come out with a whole bag of goodies and then usually I need to make another trip in about 2 weeks. But we all have our weaknesses, so I just substitute healthier options for mine. You can do the same!

I have my boyfriend and family hooked on many of these products, so last year at Christmas I decided to fill cute little stocking up with these bars, cookies, and nut butters as a nice little change. They LOVED it! There are so many different flavors and brands of healthier products, so it’s easy to find something everyone will love. The guy at Vitamin Shoppe said that my receipt was one of the longest ones he had ever seen because I literally picked out  A TON of treats. Vitamin Shoppe has some great coupons this time of year, especially if you are buying for a lot of people.

You can get these treats at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Target, or online. There are so many great healthy options out there guys, and they taste great! This is the hardest thing to get others to understand, and I’m guilty of this as well. Eating healthy DOES NOT mean that you have to eat salad all the time or go on a juice cleanse, it just means to eat foods that have more clean ingredients and less artificial junk. Moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle. We don’t have to completely cut out all the good stuff, because then life would get pretty boring.

So how about mixing it up this Christmas and giving your family some healthier sweets and treats! (Make sure you buy a few extra for yourself because trust me, you will want to steal everyone else’s).

  1. Lenny and Larry’s: The Complete Cookie– I can’t get enough of these cookies you guys. I eat 1-2 a week for breakfast, and they NEVER disappoint. These cookies are much better for you than normal cookies that you buy, plus they are HUGE. With not artificial ingredients, no dairy, no eggs, no soy, non-GMO anndddd they are vegan, what more could you want out of a cookie unless you make it at home right? And once you try these you will realize that it is really hard to make cookies as good as these. If you can, you’re my new best friend. You can get these babies at Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods.
  2. nuts n’ more Nut Butters I’m such a huge fan of these protein peanut butter spreads. Not only do they taste great, but they use natural ingredients as well. There are so many flavors to choose from. I love the White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and ESPECIALLY the Cookie Butter (which is only seasonal so get it quickly)! Dip apples, pretzels, or graham crackers in it or add it to your morning shake. Want to eat it off the spoon? Yeah, it’s even good that way. You can get this at Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. 
  3. D’s Naturals Fluffbutter– This nut butter is probably my favorite nut butter that I have tried. There are so many fantastic flavors like S’mores, White Mocha Mousse, Cocoa Glazed Cinnamon Roll…it goes on. But also the ingredients are SUPER clean. They use organic ingredients and also use Stevia and monk fruit to sweeten it; so much better than sweetening with sugar. You can use this like I mentioned about for dipping and shakes, but it’s also really great swirled in yogurt or spread on bagels/toast for breakfast. You can find these nut butters at Vitamin Shoppe. 
  4. FitJoy Bars- FitJoy bars are one of my new favorite bars, and I was super excited to see that they came out with holiday flavors (I may have bought 2 of each). They are protein bars but do not have that weird protein bar taste like most other bars do. They are gluten-free, and have no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. All the chocolate flavors are DELISH including the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the Chocolate Iced Brownie. My new absolute favorite is the Pumpkin Pie. I have yet to try the Iced Gingerbread, but I did try the White Chocolate Peppermint and I was NOT a fan. It had waaayyy too much peppermint, and that is the wrong flavor to have too much of…trust me. You can find them at Vitamin Shopper or GNC.
  5. Squarebars– I love these so much. It’s crazy that one small bar could be so tasty and so filling! I can eat one of these for my afternoon snack and not be hungry until dinner time. These bars are organic, and you can tell that the chocolate they use is REAL chocolate; it’s that good. I love all the flavors, but my faves are the Cocoa Coconut and Cocoa Coated Peanut Butter. You can find them at Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods. 
  6. LarabarsSeriously the CLEANEST bar you can find, and I’m so obsessed with them. Isn’t it interesting how the products with the fewest ingredients can be the yummiest? It’s called REAL FOOD people. They usually contain 3-6 ingredients, depending on what kind you get. They always use nuts and dates, then add whatever flavor the bar is like apple, peanut butter, or blueberry. They are small but surprisingly filling. It’s hard to pick favorites because they are all so yummy, but I love the Key Lime Pie, the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. You can find these at most grocery stores including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Ingles, and Target. 
  7. Larabar Bites– Larabar brand also makes some other great snacks including their mini bites. These are like small round Larabars, and they have some great flavors! I am currently eating the Double Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Macaroon (coconut addict) and they are really yummy. These also only have about 5 REAL ingredients, and are perfect for a snack with some veggies or in addition to a shake or juice to keep you full longer. You can find them at Target. 
  8. SmashMallowFAVE holiday find you guys. Healthier marshmallows are exactly what we need around the holidays. Hot cocoa is just not as great without marshmallows, but regular ones have corn syrup as the first ingredients, and it just goes down from there. This company uses only organic sugars and gluten-free ingredients. Their flavors are fantastic and creative, the packaging is adorable, and did I mention that the marshmallows are HUGE?! I ordered the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Cinnamon Churro, and my boyfriend has been snacking on them every time he comes over….I’m going to have to make some hot cocoa soon before he eats them all! But they really are great to just snack on if you want a small sweet treat. You can only find them online, but hopefully they will be in stores soon! 

So I hope you all now have some ideas of what to fill your loved ones’ stockings with this Christmas! Getting food for Christmas is even more exciting to me than getting clothes, gifts cards, or anything else! (I know, I’m such a foodie).

Warm Christmas wishes, and happy shopping!

Ashlyn Tori <3

PS: In case you missed the video to go with this post <3