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Agile and 文件资料 are not two words that are often associated in articles or blog posts. Scrum teams have however to find alternate ways to spread the knowledge among their member. In this article, Viktor Cessan explains how he uses an exercise named History Lines to share knowledge in Agile teams.


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正如棋牌游戏家和宣言所言,它更喜欢“working software over comprehensive 文件资料”, some early Agile adopters jumped to the conclusion that 文件资料 was useless. Thus Scrum software developers should 上 ly concentrate in creating working software with code that was the most easier to understand.


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Documentation and Agile are two words that are rarely seen together, but 文件资料 is still the most important thing developers continually respond as most affecting their decision making. Frankly caring about 文件资料 shows you care about the developer, whether external or internal. Yet, 文件资料 is constantly pushed to the wayside, aligning that idea with Waterfall and top-down development. How do you then foster a culture that gets your developers excited to create 文件资料? And as an extension, how do you get your developers excited about pleasing their customers?


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One of the major selling points of Scrum to developers is how much less 文件资料 is involved. Developers worked hard to get where they are: a college degree, nights and weekends at home working through books and exercises trying to learn the latest language, and struggling through their first few projects to get something that works into production. They don’不想一路走来,只是将大部分时间都花在文字处理程序上。他们想编码。


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Sometimes, user 文件资料 is not a nice to have but a legal requirement or a requirement to meet a standard like the FDA. But more important, quality user 文件资料 improves the usability of the product and enhances the credibility of the company.


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在采用Scrum的过程中,人们倾向于摆脱他们不从事的任务和活动’t like in traditional projects like 文件资料 or writing proper code comments. In this article, a ScrumMaster shares his experience with a “no 文件资料” approach. He learned the hard way that minimal 文件资料 is better than no 文件资料 in Scrum projects. The team can decide 上 a case-by-case basis what level of 文件资料 for which components and code logics is needed.


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这个词“documentation” have any place in an agile environment? The goal 上 agile projects is to keep 文件资料 as simple as possible, relying 上 roadmaps, overviews and concepts rather than enterprise-focused details. But what happens when using an agile approach 上 more complex projects? For example, what if the team that writes the software is different from the team that must maintain it? Or what if auditors come calling? In these instances, basic agile 文件资料 based 上 用户故事 alone may come up short. This article provides insights into how teams can take an agile approach to 文件资料 in more complex environments.

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