项目管理协会(PMI)上周宣布了对纪律敏捷(DA)的收购,纪律敏捷(Mark Lines)和斯科特·安布尔(Scott Amble)创建了这家公司,该公司支持纪律敏捷交付(DAD)框架。 DAD定义为“以人为本,面向学习的混合敏捷方法来交付IT解决方案”.

Disciplined Agile claims that over 12,000 practitioners in 30 countries have been trained in Disciplined Agile and over 50,000 Disciplined Agile books have been sold. As other major 扩展敏捷框架s like SAFe or Nexus were already strong 上 their own (SAFe claims that 70 percent of the US Fortune 100 companies using its approach) or partnering with different organizations, Disciplined Agile was an evident target for Project Management Institute (PMI) as an independent Agile training and consulting that 分享s the same values of earning money through training and certification. Indeed, the first reason mentioned in the PMI press release for this acquisition is that “PMI成员将添加强大,可信的新功能和认证,这将使他们与众不同并敞开大门。” I don’希望此举会改变“扩展敏捷框架”’在敏捷社区中获得了很大的吸引力。