Hello all you beautiful people. Happy Monday! I don’t know about you guys but getting up this morning was TOUGH lol. My exhaustion this morning was not from a fun and crazy weekend unfortunately, but from a lot of mental and psychical stress that I’ve dealt with this past week. If you guys don’t know, I have a back injury that sometimes like to flare up. When it does this, it makes simple movements extremely painful…standing is even hard sometimes. So I guess where I’ve been training hard for my upcoming dance competition, plus working, plus doing the 21 Day Fix exercise program…my body just had enough.


Well, I’m kind of stubborn guys lol. It’s really hard for me to take an “off day” or “rest day” because I constantly want to be working on ME, whether for dancing or for my health. I’ve been really frustrated with myself and my body the last few days because it hasn’t been able to do what I feel like it should do. And you know what I’ve come to realize? That OK. Sometimes our bodies are screaming out to us to listen to them, and not push past a certain point. Pushing past my body’s physical abilities is what caused my back injury in the first place. I have to learn to be PATIENT with my body. PATIENCE is probably something I struggle the most with in many areas of my life. Patience with my dance abilities, patience with work, and most of all patience with how much my body can handle.

If you're body needs a break, work your brain instead :) #ontask
If you’re body needs a break, work your brain instead 🙂 #ontask

To be frank, if we (including myself) don’t learn how to be patient with ourselves and with others, it could permanently damage our bodies and relationships. I was to the point on Friday night where I could barely stand up without pain shooting through my back. Let’s just say I went into a slight panic mode because I knew that I could not prepare for my dance competition in this shape.

Essentials for RECOVERY <3

So this weekend I really tried to listen to my body and take care of it because I knew how badly I needed it for the upcoming week of dance training. I chose to do some simple workouts like arms and yoga that wouldn’t irritate my back, and also took a day off from work. I probably should have just put workouts on hold completely, but it’s still a process for me. I’m still learning how to be patient with myself and accept where I’m at physically. Prior to this, I would have finished my hardcore workouts no matter how much pain I was in and pushed through my workday. But I’m starting to understand just how precious this body is….we only have 1 guys. We need to take care of it, even if that means taking a step back. Once my back has recovered, I will be ready to get back into those workouts FULL-ON. I really hope that the pain will ease towards the middle of the week so that I can put everything I’ve got into these last few dance trainings before competition!

Go-To Snacktime!
Go-To Snacktime!

To sum up my rant, I just want you guys to know that whatever you strive for in life….go HARD but have PATIENCE with yourself! You are amazing, beautiful, fabulous, and you WILL be successful. Just trust in yourself with your whole mind, body, and spirit.

You’re a rock star, act like it.

Ashlyn Tori <3

PS: If you’re having a rough day…spend some time with your dog. I PROMISE it will help lol 🙂

Bundle of CUTE.
Bundle of CUTE.
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