I never thought I would fall in love with the city of LA, but I definitely did….and that may or may not have something to do with all the delicious food you can find there. I’m a pure foodie at heart, you all know that. LA has so many awesome healthy restaurant options, all adorable and unique; it’s definitely a wellness blogger’s paradise. So many people in California are passionate about living a healthier lifestyle because they have realized that health is really at the core of our entire life. If we’re not healthy, how can we achieve our biggest dreams? LA is the place that dreams come alive, so this outlook is perfect.

It’s so funny because I have been following a lot of bloggers on Instagram who have made these restaurants their regular hangout. I would LOVE to have such yummy places at my fingertips! Charlotte has a few healthy restaurants, but Asheville was definitely more prominent in that area. I could definitely see myself living in LA sometime just to enjoy all the wonderful wellness-oriented options it has to offer.

1. The Butcher’s Daughter– I’ll start with my favorite restaurant from the entire trip. The Butcher’s Daughter is a vegetarian, organic juice bar and café that is probably the cutest place I’ve ever been to; I literally want my house to look just like the inside of this restaurant. We went to the Venice location for dinner, and I was just mesmerized by the atmosphere. Everything is so light, airy, and earthy. I still can’t get over it. As far as the food goes, it was just as delicious.

I NEED this espresso machine.

Savannah and I decided to split two different plates. I got the Jumbo Lump “Crab” cakes which are actually made from sweet potatoes and quinoa, and Savannah got this whole roasted cauliflower that was super yummy too. The guys ordered pizzas (of course) which were amazing. Now, let’s talk dessert. I personally usually go for the fruity desserts just because they are prettier to photograph, however, I always like the chocolate better. Savannah (being Savannah) just always orders the chocolate desserts. So I decided to order the Winter Citrus Cheesecake and Savannah ordered the Warm Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel Ice Cream….who’s do you think was better? I literally almost died when I took a bite of hers. OMG. I messed up on that one. I also tried one of their Golden-Milk Lattes which was fabulous of course. We spent way too much money here, and ate way too much food, but it was totally worth it.

2. Pressed Freeze Juicery– I had seen these beautiful photos on Instagram of this fro-yo style pressed juice for so long, of course I had to have some! Pressed Juicery is one of the most well-known juice bars in LA. Their juices are fantastic (I tried the Strawberry Almond) but their freeze is amazing. They basically just turn their juice into a frozen dessert, and you get to top it off with all these delicious toppings like almond butter, cacao, granola, berries, and more! I would be there every day if I lived close by. It was so much better than fro-yo, and healthier too! Many people don’t know that fro-yo actually has more fake ingredients and sugar than regular ice cream. It’s a bummer though, because it tastes so good. This frozen juice on the other hand is a much healthier option!

3. Café Gratitude-Everyone is always obsessing over Café Gratitude, or making it their daily brunch spot. I see why! I loved the vibe of this restaurant as well, and it is also 100% organic and plant based. We went to the Larchmont Blvd. location, but there are several in LA. We all decided to get bowls (because bowls are just the best thing ever) and I loved all of them. Mine was actually my favorite though. I got the Humble Indian Curry Bowl, and it was a mix of sweet and spicy goodness that they topped off with a coconut bacon….holy moly. I need packs of this stuff.

4. Moon Juice– Did I mention LA is crazy about juice? Well so am I, so it worked well. Moon Juice is an organic company that specialized in their pressed Moon Juice, Moon Milks, and Moon Dusts. Their mission is to really just make everyone feel better and radiate from the inside out. All of their products are naturally sourced and plant-based. I tried the Vanilla Fig Milk and it was so delicious! Their products just have a way of making you feel sparkly or something…I love it.

5. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse-So this was my one “cheat” treat of the week. I remember seeing these huge cruffins (half croissant, half muffin) on Instagram and thinking “I definitely need that in my life.” Their pastries are incredible. I’m such a pastry person, and they have so many amazing combos that will just knock your socks off. Unfortuantely, you have to get there early in the morning to get a cruffin, but I did get a cream-filled donut that was super yummy, along with a Matcha croissant, a churro croissant and a cookie dough bear claw. Don’t worry, we all split them. I had to limit myself a little bit…..

6. Alfred Tea Room– I was dying to see this pink little tea shop, and it’s even more adorable in person! Everything about their shop is adorable, from the pink/gold/white color scheme, to the cup patterns….everything. And the tea was fantastic! I just got the classic iced Matcha (sweetened with Stevia). Sometimes classic is the best way to go, but they had so many awesome combos I wanted to try! There will be a next time, so I’m not worried about it.

I can’t wait until my next trip to LA so that I can go back to all of these places! I seriously crave them sometimes. There are so many great options in LA, but the ones I have listed are definitely some of the best. I love that California is passionate about using organic produce from local farms to make such amazing food. LA is the place where dreams are made, delicious meals are eaten, and bodies are healed with food. Kind of a fantastic place right? LOVE IT.

It’s cruffin time,

Ashlyn Tori ❤