Hello everyone, it’s been a while! I’ve been wokring on re-designing my website so I’ve been a tad distant, but I’m back! The website is still in progress so you may see a few changes over the next week or so…don’t be alarmed. So Fall is my FAVORITE time of year to go hiking because of the temperature, and the colors! The Blue Ridge Mountains are adding specks of reds and yellows by the minute! This upcoming weekend will probably be the peak time for leaf color. Anyone that lives in Western NC knows that Linville Falls is a MUST see. Everyone that lives nearby does this hike at least a few times in their lifetime if they like the outdoors at all. I hiked to the base of the falls when I was younger, but enjoyed it so much more this second time around.

This is a picture from my first hike to Linville Falls around age 12...please excuse my hilarious getup.
This is a picture from my first hike to Linville Falls around age 12…please excuse my hilarious getup.


I was in desperate need of girl time, so one of my good friends Angela took the hike with me. It was funny because we ended up on the wrong trail, and went to the very top of the falls…which brings you to these 2 SUPER TINY falls. I was thinking “okay where are we, this is NOT what I remembered” lol. So we ended up going to the visitor center to ask what trail to take for the base of the falls, and from there it was pretty simple. This is the Plunge Basin Hike. 

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The trail itself was beautiful, and I would say that on a scale of 1-10, the difficulty of the hike is probably a 7. The trail is rocky in some places, so make sure your shoes have good grip and aren’t too bulky. It’s a little harder going down into the falls instead of going back up, because you have to watch where you step a little more.

Once we reached the bottom of the falls, my brain was thinking “this is more like it.” Compared to where we stopped at on the way down…there was really no comparison lol. This waterfall commands attention. It’s obviously beautiful, and where the sun was overhead, it looked like it flowed into a pool of shimmering diamonds. The leaves were starting to change at this time (we went on September 25th) so it created these nice little spots of color along the rock. There is a huge hole to swim, and several spots to jump into the water. There are always those crazy guys that climb to the top and jump off, but I don’t recommend that. There have been too many accidents, and it’s not clear where the rocks stop beneath the surface. Just don’t.


There are various places to sit and just relax, perfect for a picnic or snack break. I somehow always end up at these places without a swimsuit, so we just sat for few and enjoyed the view, then took some pictures of course with my new handy Acuvar iPhone Tripod which is fabulous for trips like this! Super lightweight and easy if you don’t want to lug around your large camera and camera bag.

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This time of year is perfect to explore Linville Falls if you want to see color, but if you want to swim, I would recommend going in the summertime. Either way, you will be awed by the beauty of the falls. I know some people just go to the top lookouts, but the base hike really gives you the full/best view of the falls.

I know sometimes we have really busy weeks so it’s hard to make ourselves get up and explore on the weekends…but DO IT! You will get to experience amazing places, enjoy time with those you love, get some exercise, and breathe in some fresh air. Most of us are locked into buildings all week with work, school, or whatever your daily life may entail. Spending time outdoors really helps release our minds and ease some of that normal tension we get from sitting inside all day.


I challenge you to get moving this weekend! Go out and do something that’s out of your regular routine. This hike is PERFECT for those of you who live close. Take your friends, take your significant other, take your family. Anyone that is physically able to do this hike will thoroughly enjoy it. If you’ve already been here or want something a little easier, or just different, check out Romantic Asheville’s website. They have some FABULOUS hikes, sights, and things to do in the areas surrounding Asheville. If you don’t live near Asheville, then just look up things to do near your city/town! There are so many different adventures just waiting for you to take them…will you step out of your comfort zone and do it?


What’s stopping you?

Ashlyn Tori <3