Hello all! Hope everyone had an absolutely WONDERFUL Easter Sunday. I’m definitely not excited about seeing all the Easter candy and pastel decorations go….it’s so hard to avoid all the Sweet Tart eggs and the Sour Patch eggs and the Nerd eggs and the Jelly Bean eggs (I’m such a sucker for egg shaped candy). It’s a good thing that I have a little more self-control these days than I used to. I could seriously down a whole bag of candy in one sitting…no joke. I kind of miss the days of hunting for Easter eggs and getting Easter baskets filled with yummy goodies. I’m such a little kid at heart <3 It’s funny to watch videos of myself from Easters when I was little. My parents would dress me up in this little bunny suit that had a cotton tail on it so large that it would drag the ground behind me…so hilarious.

My handsome boyfriend and I at church on Easter Sunday. This beautiful display of Jesus' resurrection was built by some girls at my church.
My handsome boyfriend and I at church on Easter Sunday all decked out in pastels. This beautiful display of Jesus’ resurrection was built by some girls at my church.
Two of my favorite guys (my Dad and my brother)
Two of my favorite guys (my Dad and my brother)

I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with the ones I love, and thanking the man who died for my sins. We sometimes forget what the holidays we celebrate actually represent which is so sad and selfish of us (I am including myself). It’s amazing that the God who created the world and overcome death is watching over me and loving me unconditionally…pretty amazing huh? Last year on Easter, I was not in a very good place. I was in Utah for school and I felt so alone without my family, boyfriend, and church family. It’s not fun to spend holidays alone and apart from the people you love, so this year I took in every moment because I knew how special they were. Not to mention the large amounts of Mac-N-Cheese and Ham that I consumed were absolutely delicious.

Last year on Easter I tried to cheer myself up by making a Easter Bunny Pancakeand it actually worked a little haha 🙂 It’s super simple and can really brighten up anyone’s Easter breakfast or brunch.



  • 3 large pancakes pancakes (I used the Immaculate organic brand)
  • whipped cream (I used 365 organic brand from Whole Foods)
  • shredded coconut
  • chocolate chips
  • bananas
  • strawberries


  1. Fix the pancake mix as directed.
  2. Leave one pancake large to use for the bottom part of the bunny, and cut the other a couple inches smaller. Take the third pancake and cut out two small fat oval shapes for the feet, and two skinnier oval shapes for the ears.
  3. Put a large dot of whipped cream on the bottom of the large pancake for the bunny tail, and top with shredded coconut.
  4. For the feet, use a banana slice for each foot and use chocolate chips for the toes.
  5. Cut strawberries in a similar shape of the ears, just a little smaller.

Now you have the perfect Easter Bunny breakfast to serve! It’s almost too cute to eat…but I promise you that it’s so yummy! If we treated every day like Easter, filled with thankfulness, love, family, great food, pastel candy, and sunshine, how great would life be? Strive to enjoy every moment that life gives you, and in turn life will give you happiness.

Hoppy Easter Everybunny!

Ashlyn Tori <3

PS: Please enjoy this adorable video of bunnies in cups…it makes me giggle every time 🙂