This yummy breakfast idea is SUPER fast and easy, and there are so many different fillings you can use to make it just the way you want it!


  • Whole grain tortilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Greek yogurt
  • Stevia/Xylitol
  • Vanilla extract
  • Your favorite nuts and berries, or any other toppings you would like


-Sprinkle a whole grain tortilla with cinnamon on the front and back, and then bake it in a tortilla pan at 325 degrees until lightly browned or crispy.

-Mix Greek yogurt with Stevia and vanilla extract until it is sweet enough for you

-Top with more cinnamon, and any of the other toppings that you would like!

PS: If you’re looking for a perfect tortilla pan that is super inexpensive and works great, Bed Bath and Beyond has “The Perfect Tortilla Pan” set.