Such a cute and delicious afternoon snack to satisfy your sweet-tooth and give you an energy boost!


-1/3 cup pecans
-1/3 cup almonds
-1 1/3 cups dates (I buy the pitted ones)
-3 tbsp shredded coconut
-1/2 tsp vanilla extract
-1-2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (according to your preference)
-1-2 tablespoon soy milk or water
-Sprinkles, toasted sesame seeds, toasted shredded coconut (for covering your chocolate balls)

1.Add all ingredients in a food processor and mix until everything is thoroughly crushed and combined.
2.Make small balls out of the mixture.
3.Then, roll them around in whatever you like (sprinkles, toasted sesame seeds or shredded coconut).

And you are done! (Store leftovers in the fridge…if you have any left over)