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Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)

So I know we are all hearing that cool word “ADAPTOGEN” lately all over Instagram, watching people make these beautiful and magical tonics/potions that are supposed to have so many benefits for our bodies. But, what are Adaptogens really? Do they affect our bodies in positive ways? And how are we supposed to incorporate them into our routines? I really had no clue about any of these things until a few weeks ago, but I really wanted to take the time to learn. I think sometimes we hear a lot of things on social media and just take them as fact without actually doing our own research (I’m SOOOO guilty of this you guys!) I had also started drinking these AMAZING Coconut Milk Elixirs by REBBL, so I was intrigued how they not only tasted incredible, but could be really good for my body as well.

It’s funny how all of a sudden Ayurveda and Adaptogens have become incredibly popular, but they are practices of medicine that have been used since ancient times in India, to heal people’s bodies by using the elements of Earth. Ayurveda is actually the world’s oldest practice of healthcare. Isn’t that crazy?! It’s not just a yogi term, but actually something that can be very beneficial to everyone. The definition of Ayurveda is “the science knowledge of life” and what that means is that the practices use elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether (or space) to create balance in our bodies. It incorporates how our environments affect us and then uses techniques like yoga, meditations, nutrition, oils, herbs, and massage to achieve “balance” and release stress from the body.

Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)

Did you know that more and more studies are showing that stress can have a HUGE impact on our health? Problems in our digestive, endocrine, immune, and reproductive systems can be a result from being in a constant state of stress. I have experienced this personally lately and I’m doing everything I can to change it. Our bodies were not made for the amount of stress they undergo in our daily lives. All of the Ayurvedic practices are ways to calm the mind, body, spirit, and release the stressful toxins that are harming us.

Now let’s get to the ADAPTOGENS! So adaptogens are compounds found in nature to help plants thrive in the environment and avoid stress from things like frost, fungus attack, etc. Cool right?! The amazing thing is that they can do the same for humans. They restore homeostasis in plants (or for us, in the body) and bring back the balance and vitality that was diminished for a quick second by whatever stress we were dealing with (someone cutting us off in traffic, the coffee shop not having a dairy-free milk, our Instagram photo looking a little “less than perfect” hehe, know what I mean?) We are constantly bombarded by big and small stresses that can do serious damage to our bodies if we let them keep building up.

Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)
I get kind of excited about drinking REBBL…if you can’t tell.

So how do we incorporate these adaptogens into our daily life? Well, there are several ways, but one of my favorite ways to do it right now is by drinking REBBL Super-Herb Elixirs and Proteins. These drinks are absolutely DELICIOUS; I could seriously drink one every single day. They are Organic, Plant-Based, use REAL Ingredients, and contain adaptogens like Reishi, Maca, and Ashwaganda to help us feel our best. I love all the flavors from the Maca Cold-Brew (because coffee is my JAM), Reishi Chocolate, and the Vanilla Spice Protein (Let’s be honest…I love them all). But each one has its own unique flavor and various benefits, depending on what you’re in need of.

Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)

Reishi is a mushroom that is known as one of the most “validated” medicinal herbs, and is even called the “Divine Mushroom of Immortality” because it has so many benefits! It promotes a healthy immune system, detoxes the body, promotes healthy aging, and aids in memory/concentration. There are so many more things that it can be used for, but those are just a few; anyone could really benefit from using this powerful adaptogen….and especially those of us who want to age as seamlessly and gracefully as possible (aka every woman, EVER).

Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)

Ashwagandha root is something I’ve been using often lately because it is known to help with things like inflammation, back pain, and calming the mind. It has been used for so many Ayurvedic practices, and people are even starting to use it now to prevent things like Alzheimer’s and chronic illnesses which is pretty incredible. It’s definitely not a cure, but something that we can at least learn more about and use as an aid for these problems.

Maca is also a root used in Ayurveda, but for different purposes that the other super-herbs. Maca has been used to increase stamina, energy, and hormone balance. I call it the “ALIVE” root because it just makes you feel like you’ve been AWAKENED, RECHARGED, and just excited to be ALIVE! One of my biggest issues lately is that my hormones have been completely off-balance. This not only has messed up things like my skin and monthly female cycle, but also has just made me feel incredibly crappy. Maca is wonderful for this, and I can always tell a difference in my energy if I put in in my smoothie or something in the AM, or if I drink the Maca Cold-Brew REBBL drinks. It’s great for men and women’s sexual energy, as well as creating positive vibes! Like why wouldn’t you use this stuff right?!

Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)

I’m so glad that REBBL incorporates all of these amazing herbs into their drinks and makes them readily available to us in such a tasty and fun way. NOT ONLY THAT, but REBBL cares about the planet and about people. Their ingredients are sourced ethically, and they are striving to end human trafficking by giving a portion of their profits to “Not for Sale.” How incredible is this you guys?! Watch this video to learn more about REBBL’s mission and what they stand for; yepp, I almost cried.

I hope after reading this post that you have a better understanding of what this hype about Ayurveda, Adaptogens, and Super-Herb Elixirs is all about! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you! And if you get a chance to try REBBL, make sure to tag me and REBBL on Instagram and #rebbltribe

Adaptogens: Getting Back to the Roots of Healing (Why are They Good for Us?)

Drink Up Loves,

Ashlyn Tori <3

*This post was sponsored by REBBL