Hello lovelies! So as you guys may know I spent a year in Utah for college. Lately I have been missing a lot about that beautiful state like my friends, the gorgeous scenery and hiking, the variety of dance studios, the food, all of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here in NC but I definitely want to take a trip back to Utah soon because I feel like it’s my second home. In the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite hikes, restaurants, and other really cool places that you should check out if you ever get the chance to visit.


So probably the coolest and most rewarding place that I went in Utah was Arches National Park. I went there twice; once with my bestie Savannah for a photoshoot, and the second time I went with my Mom on our road-trip back to NC. This park was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Located near the cute little town of Moab, this park is completely covered in red rock and natural arches made of sandstone. I was really in awe the first time I drove through because these HUGE natural formations are just towering over you and it’s like “how the heck did these even form?!” It’s really incredible to experience.

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As I mentioned, the first time I experienced Moab, my bestie and I were dressed as Indians for a photoshoot taken by her husband Matt. We took Savannah’s adorable little pink Audi convertible which makes every trip even more fun. All the little kids didn’t know what to think as we would hear them whisper to their parents and see them pointing at us. Our outfits really embodied the rawness and earthy textures and colors of the park. Some of my favorite and the most memorable arches and formations were the Balanced Rock, Skyline Arch, The Three Gossips, and the North and South Windows.

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The second trip I took to Arches National Park was with my Mom on our road trip back to NC from Utah. This trip was bittersweet because I was leaving people and a place that I had really grown to love, but I was excited to be going back home to continue my dance career and of course be with my family and boyfriend. I knew that I couldn’t leave Utah without hiking to the Delicate Arch which is practically the symbol of Utah. So with much begging I finally talked my Mom into hiking it with me. I thought it was going to be this super easy hike that would take us an hour or two tops….WRONG. We were completely unprepared with no water or food, and my Mom has back problems so I thought she would never make it to the top. I actually had to leave her at one point because she couldn’t make it any further. Climbing the red rock and dying of thirst was completely worth the trouble when I came around a rock wall and saw the Delicate Arch standing near the ledge, framed by a beautiful colored sky and miles of red rock. It was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. First of all, it was HUGE! You don’t realize exactly how big until your staring up at it from underneath. That part was pretty scary too because the rock is right near the edge and super slippery. I was super excited to see my Mom finally come around the corner about 15 minutes after I did. She was just as amazed as I was at the incredible sight and I was so proud of her for accomplishing it. Though we were super sore after, it was definitely the perfect way to end my time in Utah.

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It’s okay to dress like an Indian any day,

Ashlyn Tori<3

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