And Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!” I’m telling you, this woman had the right idea about life. We worry so much about limiting ourselves sometimes, it is easy to forget that everyone needs a little bit of indulgence in their life from time to time. I notice that when I don’t set time aside to allow myself to enjoy things like a sweet treat, a new pair of leggings, or night out with friends, it can affect my entire mood and outlook. Let your hair down and embrace life! If we don’t, it can be super easy to fall into a restrictive lifestyle that is not only unhealthy for our minds and body, but can negatively affect all aspects of life.

The word “indulge” has had such a negative association for so long, that people are AFRAID of it and AFRAID of the act itself. Indulge actually means to “allow oneself to enjoy the pleasures of.” I’ll admit, I was one of those people (and still am sometimes) that the second I indulge in something, I instantly second-guess myself. Should I have eaten that? Bought that? Went there? Many times, worrying after indulging ruins the sense of happiness we felt during that time! How nuts is that?

But here’s the thing, the act of indulgence isn’t the enemy, it’s allowing ourselves to over-indulge that creates problems. This is where moderation comes in and SAVES the day. Moderation is “the avoidance of excess or extremes.” So this means that we can TOTALLY have that slice of cake, that adorable watch, or take a long weekend to the beach. This does NOT mean that we should eat that entire cake, buy the watch+shoes+outfit+purse+earrings, or take a year-long vacation if we are not ready to reap the consequences or effects. See what I’m saying? Indulgence can be GOOD for us. It allows us to relax, feel a sense of freedom, and treat ourselves. Most of us work pretty hard, am I right? All work and no play just equals 1 unhappy person. So play a little.

Staying at the Grove Park Inn is one of my favorite ways to indulge.

Often we think of indulgence as something related just to food (because hello, who doesn’t love food?) But we should indulge in something that makes US feel great; this can be anything really.  Recently I just got this new JORD watch that I’m obsessed with. JORD makes these beautiful Wood Watches that are unique and pair well with so many different looks! I love that I can dress it up for a nice event and then dress it down to go for a hike or grab a smoothie. It’s easy for me to indulge in something like this because I know that I’m getting value from it and it makes me happy. PLUS my life (and practically everyone else’s) revolves around time. So it just makes sense right? I’m also someone that loves finding things that not everyone else has and embracing my own unique interests; owning YOU and embracing what you love is one of the healthiest ways to indulge.

As I mentioned, food is always something that I love indulging in. I have learned how to do this in a healthy way of moderation (and will share more about that in a few) that allows me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still ENJOY life. This past weekend, I competed at the Heritage Classic Dancesport Competition. Competition weekends are always hectic, and the weeks leading up to it are intense and busy. So after the competition, my Mom and I went to one of my FAVE doughnut shops, Vortex Doughnuts, in Asheville and shared some scrumptious doughnuts and each had a latte. It was absolute perfection.

Before I give you guys some tips to living a life of moderation, I want you to know that I am by NO MEANS an expert on this. It is something that I am still learning and adjusting every single day. When we train our bodies for so long to restrict and have this punishing mindset, it can take forever to fully let go of that. I mess up ALL THE TIME guys. Yes, sometimes I indulge too much. Like today for instance. I had a delicious and healthy smoothie for lunch that was totally filling and wonderful. But….I had a gluten-free peanut butter cookie next to me that I got at a local coffee shop (it was massive) and was planning on eating it for a snack later. Before I knew it, I had eaten half of the cookie, and then soon I finished it off. This is rare for me, but it happened. I beat myself up the entire car ride home and I actually got sick from eating too much at once. This is why I know that indulging in moderation is so much better for MY mind and my body. Fortunately, I usually do indulge in moderation, and it helps me stay on track with my health as well as enjoy the beauties and FUN in life. Here are some of my tips for living a life of moderation:

  • Indulge in something that will make YOU happy– This can be food, vacation, accessories (like my adorable JORD watch), spa day, time with friends….whatever makes you feel good!

One of my favorite spots to relax is by a nice, warm fire.
  • Take it by week/month at a time– Usually I let myself indulge a little more with food on the weekends. I don’t overdo it, but I will let myself have that sweet dessert in downtown or the doughnut for breakfast because I know that it’s not a regular occurrence, just a treat. Other things like a massage, a good book, a new outfit, or other materials or experiences I try to give myself once a month.
  • It doesn’t have to be BIG– Indulging doesn’t always have to be this elaborate thing. Actually, many times it’s better to indulge in smaller things. Simple is always good for me.

  • Choose healthier ways to indulge- Many times I can feel great about indulging because I indulge in healthier ways. Even if I eat something that isn’t great for me, I usually try to find treats/restaurants that are organic, local, or use good ingredients in their products so that I can still make sure I’m taking care of my body. YES, it still tastes amazing and it satisfies that sweet tooth. There is almost always a healthier alternative for something we want; we just have to look for it. Like Vortex Doughnuts for instance. They use local/organic ingredients in their doughnuts and the even make Vegan doughnuts that are super yummy. 

  • Keeping a time/eating schedule– If you have read previous posts, you know that I am pretty scheduled with my eating. I usually eat 3 meals and a snack every day. My body gets hungry around certain times, and that’s when I eat. This helps me not to overdo it when I treat myself because I have eaten consistently throughout my day. I hate that feeling of being TOO full. It really helps to set your body on an eating schedule, and if you decide to indulge one day, it will be easier to get back on track because your body is set in that regulated mode.
  • Knowing when to stop– This is where moderation is HUGE. Like today, I totally lost control on stopping. Sorry but that cookie was just too good. Many times we ignore signals coming from our body or our brain that enough is enough. This happens a lot when we are eating, but also when we spend too much money on things that we really don’t need. It’s important to listen to your body, but also, (like my Dad says) “use some common sense” to know when to stop. Instead of eating a giant cookie, split it with someone. Instead of eating 2 scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone, eat 1 in a cup. Instead of spending $500 on several things you kind of like, spend $100 on something you LOVE. You still get the satisfaction and happiness, but you don’t have to feel the guilt after.
  • Don’t punish yourself– Speaking of guilt….we all feel it. Just like I experienced today, it WILL happen that we overindulge sometimes and throw moderation out the window because we’re HUMAN. When this happens, let’s make a pact and try not to punish ourselves. This is sooooo hard for me! But that’s why I want to share it with you guys so that we can encourage one another not to do this. If it does happen, just move on and don’t let it affect the rest of your day/week. Don’t restrict yourself in other areas of your life just because it happened. All this does is lead to an endless cycle that is almost impossible to break free from. But guess what? If we follow all the steps above I mentioned, we won’t even have to feel this anyway! YAY!

As you guys can tell, I’m a huge advocate of living life fully and enjoying all the simple and big pleasures. Instead of living a life of extremes, I’m choosing to live in moderation. This allows me to indulge and feel a sense of happiness and freedom on a regular basis. It’s working SO well for me (even if I do slip up sometimes) and just helps me to feel happier and create wonderful memories and experiences. Practicing moderation is KEY, but just remember that there is always time to indulge.

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Let yourself indulge darling,

Ashlyn Tori ❤

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